The Benefits Of Contracting An Experienced Arborist In Australia

Tree surgery is an intricate business, and the ideal procedure is important if the tree is to develop. With appropriate pruning, a tree can be shaped to enhance the property, while offering that much needed shade in the summer.

What exactly is an Arborist?

An arborist is a professional who understands everything about caring for different variety of trees. How to prune them, plant trees and manage them. An additional name for an arborist is a tree surgeon. On occasions where a tree must be removed, the arborist should have experience at all levels, and would be able to completely remove the tree and the stump, leaving the land prepped and ready for the building project to begin.

When seeking out an arborist, choose one with at least an AQF5 accreditation.

Consulting Arborists work hand in hand with your local council and can deliver detailed inspections and reports before any work is done.

Safer Tree Pruning

The process of pruning tree is to breathe new life into the growing process, as all dead or nonessential branches are removed, and the tree can be shaped to fit in with the surroundings. Over pruning is very prevalent, and in fact this can significantly harm the tree itself, so it is best left to the arborist, who is familiar will all the local area species, and can deliver the optimal approach.

Tree and Land Clearing
Construction projects need property to be cleared prior to any work can be started. And trees need to be removed. When we remove a tree, that means the whole tree, and with stump grinding, the roots are mulched up into wood chips, and the area is ready for development. Assurance Trees have been working on building and commercial projects for decades, so we have the experience and the capabilities to take on any job.

When You Need to Have a Tree Removed
There are so many elements when it comes to cutting down a tree. Many people feel they can just cut it down, unfortunately the risk is great to both yourself and property. In a closed area, the tree surgeon would take the tree down bit by bit, removing the chance of any damage to the neighbouring properties. Measures would be taken to protect the lawn if necessary, and with a fully insured company with many years of hands-on expertise dealing with all aspects of tree care, you can feel confident the job will be efficiently carried out.

All our arborists are completely insured, and while we strive to ensure damage is kept to a minimum, large branches can cause serious problems. Trees can be extremely unpredictable, particularly in high winds, and with comprehensive insurance, for property and injury, you can rest assured, safe in the understanding that you are insured for any eventuality.

Risk Assessment

The everyday individual would never recognize the all of the crucial steps that need to take place to guarantee a tree is safely taken down. So many unforeseen things can go wrong, so if you have any concerns about any tree on your home or business, we at Assurance Tree Services would be more than happy to carry out a free risk assessment, at a convenient time for you. Large trees with canopies can absorb a lot of water, and after a big storm, an unhealthy tree might not take the weight, and this could cause a great deal of damage.

Talk to the Tree Experts

If you have any tree issues, at your office or home, contact us. We can help you with council regulations, safety and pretty much any other aspect of tree care.