Eco-friendly Products

Smart homes with eco-friendly exteriors are designed to protect the environment, make your home more enjoyable and bring your home into the 21st century. Smart homes are homes that include improved functionality and sustainability. There are a variety of products designed to meet both of these needs.

Environmentally homes improve a home in two different ways. First, it lowers the environmental impact on nature better than homes that are not environmentally friendly. An eco-friendly home uses fewer resources which help lower pollution and damage to the environment.

When less natural resources are used, it saves money on utility bills. How much money you save depends on the type of eco-friendly options that is installed. The following products can help reduce your utility bills (water and electricity) by 50 to 100 percent. This is radical savings; however, with time these saving will continue to increase.

Green is fashionable in many buildings – that is the idea of the green in terms of sustainability is. Sustainability is something that every architect worthy of respect espouses green sustainability in their own work and it is certainly being seen in just about every high-end home magazine.

As individuals we can do something meaningful for the planet. We can cut down the amount of waste we get rid of, we can save water and we can cut our energy consumption down. The tools to do this employ simple common sense. With our changing environments, it is really important to become environmentally active and aware and participate in doing what we all can do in order to become green.

The main downside to energy efficient and environmentally friendly products is the initial investment cost. Although the up-front costs are high, the long-term savings outweigh the cost. Furthermore, the savings will pay for the improvements time and time again.

If you are considering building a new home or upgrading your existing home, you should opt for eco-friendly options. When thinking in terms of environmentally friendly options, you should consider the surrounding land and the structure.

When you are considering eco-friendly upgrades to your home, check out the following

– Geothermal Heat Pumps

These heat pumps use the earth’s internal heat to power the heat pump. The internal temperature of the earth is also used to heat and cool the home.

– Green Roofs

Green roofs are living roofs where plants are grown. It acts as an added layer of insulation as well as providing food and beauty.

– Skylights

Skylights allow natural light to stream into your home, which can help save on utility bills.

– Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater uses the energy and heat from the sun to warm your water.

– Solar Panels

Solar panels offer free electricity through the energy produced by the sun. Solar panels gather this energy and store it in batteries to power the home after the sun sets.

– Satellite Controlled Sprinkler Systems

This system helps to water the lawn only when it is necessary. Whether the lawn and garden get watered depends on the upcoming forecast.

– Wind Turbines

These systems act much like solar panels except they harness the power of the wind to power your home.

– Drinking Water Safe Hoses

These hoses are considered safe to be used for drinking water. Click here for the best garden hose reviews on the market for 2016-2017.

Each of the eco-friendly items listed above will help save you money on your utility bills while protecting the environment. Incorporate some of these into your new construction or remodeling project to lower your home’s carbon footprint.