How To Get Rid Of Ants

People around the globe are often seen complaining about a common ant problem. With the commencement of summer season, the ant problem increases by several folds. During the cold weather, these tiny creatures go becomes dormant but as the earth surface warms, the ants crawls up on the surface and roams around. Kitchen becomes the most vulnerable place where the ants can find sugary substance. Using pesticide is not often recommended as it can prove to be dangerous for humans as well. A home with children must avoid the use of pesticides and should use alternative ways to get rid of ants instead. Mentioned below are few steps that can be helpful in keeping ants at bay.

Blocking entrance

We often tend to ignore the small opening or entrances on the floor or ceiling where ants can make their colony. “The best way to get rid of ants is to block their entrance.” –Pest Experts in Ontario. Once you come across few ants in your kitchen, instead of killing them instantly you can look for their source and block their entrance. You can also check for the small opening on your kitchen floors and try to seal them using a sealant or cement.

Using Coffee/Baby powder

You can also use coffee to deter ants from entering your home. Coffee granules act as a barrier for ants and help in getting rid of ants. If you come across ants in your house, spread coffee granules around the place. Baby powder also acts as an effective barrier which keeps ants away.

Maintain Cleanliness

The best way to get rid of ants is to solve the root cause of the problem. The ants get attracted to sugary and sticky kitchen floor. The best way to avoid ants is to keep the kitchen neat and clean. Make sure to clean the kitchen on a regular basis. Try to keep all your food material in an air tight sealed the jar.

Soap Water

It is very important to keep the floors neat and clean. You can use soap water to clean the floor on regular basis. The soap water helps in destroying the chemical trail of ants. Sometimes food scrums on the floor attract the ants and by cleaning the floor regularly, you can keep the ants at bay.

Room Freshener

Ants do not like certain odor and that odor acts as a deterrent. Ant hates camphor and cloves; you can use camphor based room freshener or can keep few cloves on your kitchen floor to keep ants away. Ants also hate the pungent smell of white vinegar and sweeping kitchen floor with white vinegar can help to get rid of ants.

Getting rid of ants is not so difficult. Keeping your place neat and clean is the best possible way to get rid of ants naturally. However, if you find it difficult, there are several professional services available that can help you to get rid of these tiny crawling creatures.