What To Wear For Landscaping Tasks

When deciding what clothes to wear the task at hand should be what dictates. If you are going to a party or out on a date, you may want to dress to impress. However, when it is time for landscaping duties, should you be concerned about looking your best, or keeping safe?

When it comes to working outdoors, going for the best-dressed award is not what you want to do. Rather, you want to wear clothes that are sturdy and flexible. You need to wear clothes that are right for the job at hand. Comfort, durability, and functionality, should be the goal for the clothes you decide to wear. You do not want to wear clothes you have to worry about damaging while doing tough landscaping work.

Here is how to decide the best gear to wear for the job of landscaping:

Pants and Shorts

Many people prefer wearing shorts as they are comfortable and enable easy motion. However, when working on jobs with thick brush and flying debris short pants that expose your legs may not be the best choice. Full-length jeans, khaki pants, and overalls will be a better option for most jobs. You can depend on denim and other pants with strong material for a layer of protection. What is also important is that the pants fit well and are not incredibly tight as they may hinder your mobility in during many tasks. Make sure that your pants allow you to kneel on the soil or get closer to what you wish to work on. Prevent wearing pants with pockets on the midsection as putting tools in them can possibly hurt you.


When it comes to shirts, go for something basic. Do not opt for shirts with pockets on the chest level. As soon as you bend over to do something, you will understand why we suggest you not utilize shirts with pockets on the chest. Whatever you place in that pocket will be dumped on the ground when you bend over. You do not want to be picking up your small accessories all day during your job. Ensure that you select shirts that are non-cotton. This is to avoid getting over heated and soaked in sweat while working.

If you will be wearing more than one layer, choose clothes that will safeguard you from wind and rain and keep sweat away from your body. If you will be dealing with a garden or lawn with tough bushes, be sure to wear long-sleeved t-shirts. Long sleeve shirts will protect your arms from being cut or scratched when debris starts flying around when using cutting tools.


You will want to select boots to meet the occassion. Depending on the terrain, and the type of job it is you will want to wear appropriate footwear. If doing heavy brush clearing you may want strong boots. Possibly steel toed boots because there will be a lot of dirt and possibly sharp objects that get dug up and turned over during the process. However, if you are just mowing lawns with a mower or trimming bushes, you most likely will only be walking over grass. An old pair of tennis shoes you do not mind messing up may do just fine.

There are countless choices when it comes to clothing for landscaping and gardening. Always consider safety and cover the basics. Come prepared wearing with light layers, comfortable long pants, protective shoes, and you cannot go wrong.

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